*Pre-Order* Custom Made Beaded Mascot Headbands - Read Entire Listings Please!

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We will do a preorder through Monday, June 3rd.

Orders will be ready in 3-4 weeks from the date I place the order with the factory.

(Not the date you order with me)

Expected arrival is the first of July.

Beaded headbands custom made in India.

I must have a total of 10 per school so please share away.  

All schools will look like the Broncos.  Fabric will be one solid color.  School mascot will be beaded with the other color and white.  There will be gems in school colors like shown.  

I will not have a mock up as that delays production by two weeks.  This way I can have these to you asap!

Please make sure to check the pinned post on my Facebook page for headband updates.  I will not reply to messages or emails asking about order updates.  Remember there is one of me and 1398469387423 of yall.  

Broncos - As pictured.

Broncos White - White Fabric with Purple and Gold Beading

Knights - Same colors as Broncos

Jackets - Same colors as Broncos

Cowboys - Blue with same beading as Broncos

Tors - Blue with same beading as Broncos

Eagles - Maroon with gold and white beading

Rams - Orange with Black and White Beading

Hornets - Maroon with gold and white beading

Tigers - Purple headband with purple and gold beading


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